GFP Explored

While doing one of my biochem assignments we we asked a question about green fluorescent protein that a certain species of jelly fish was some how able to emit. I was amazed that jellyfish could emit light far less fluorescent light because all I knew was that they that tentacles that could shock you if you touched them. I decided to do some further research on this so called GFP. Osamu  Shimomura , Martin Chalfie and Roger Tsien all won noble prizes in the field of Chemistry for their research on GFP. Shimomura discovered GFP in the Aequorea Victoria,bioluminiscenteshimomura_postcard



  Chalfie expressed GFP in bacteria that glowed green under UV radiation and labeled protein in the worm c.elegeus with GFP images5Nobel Chemistry


(glowing bacteria COOOOLLLLL ENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT) *wonder if we would do anything as cool as this hmmmmm*

and Tsien created various emithing flouorescent light by gentic engineering.imagesb


( fluorescent light very pretty I know)

So how or where does this florescence come from??? Well the fluorophore is formed by an autocatalytic reaction of three amino acids(sound familiar), Ser-65-Tyr-66-Gly-67 ie Serine, Tyrosine and Glycine . GFP emits this fluorescent light when UV radiation is flashed or placed over it by the way, GFP consists of 238 amino acids. GFP is activated at 457nm and emitted at 508nm.

GFP imagesf

Some other uses of GFP are reporter proteins for gene expression, localization of proteins inside cells eg cytoskeleton of cancer cells, to observer the movement of proteins inside cells and in the development of transgenic animals and animals.



UNDER UV RADIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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